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Appeals Appellate; the art of the appeal or what is known as appellate law begins with The Law Office of Jason M. Gordon, reviewing a ruling to help our clients determine if an appeal would be viable and cost effective. The winning argument on appeal depends on many factors, not the least of which includes the confidence of the attorney presenting the client’s case. Attorney Jason M Gordon has handled more than 35 appeals to the Fifth District Court of Appeals and has presented oral arguments, including oral argument for the Fifth District Court of Appeal’s law day presentations to students.  In addition, Mr. Gordon has represented clients in appeals in the Circuit Court from administrative proceedings.

If you are trying to determine if the order or judgment recently issued from a case should have had a different result, having the case reviewed within the time period for appeal is essential.  Usually there is a very short window for filing an appeal and consultation with an attorney within that period of time is critical for protecting your interests.  If an appeal has been initiated, and you feel that a second opinion would be helpful, it is important to meet with the attorney as soon after filing the appeal as possible.  The art of an appeal is not only time sensitive, but often times is considered during the initial case presentation before the order or judgment is entered.  Protecting your right of appeal occurs from day one in the underlying case and should not necessarily be an after thought once the final ruling occurs.

The appellate attorney is in a unique position to look back at a case and interpret not only the case presentation, but the final order from which the appeal is taken.  Appeals presented on a client’s behalf include:

  • Administrative
  • Zoning
  • Complex Family Law
  • Commercial and Business Disputes
  • Civil Forfeitures
  • Condominium and Homeowner Association Disputes
  • Foreclosures

You can expect competent representation from an experienced appellate attorney who represents the clients’ needs and provides fair and ethical legal advice in all aspects of representation.

Appeals Appellate