Civil Appeals- Appellate Law

The final decision or final judgment at the end of a trial may not accurately reflect the outcome you expected.  Do not delay in asserting your right to an appeal!  There is very limited time for filing a motion for rehearing and an appeal.  In certain districts you may have less time than you think to assert your request for appeal.  Move quickly and contact an appellate attorney if you have any questions about filing an appeal.

Even during the process of your lawsuit, before the final judgment or decision is issued, there may be orders from the court dealing with issues which you believe need to be reviewed by the appellate court.  These types of appeals are called “interlocutory” appeals.  There are strict deadlines and procedures that control filing this type of appeal as well and you should speak with a skilled appellate attorney as soon as possible.

An attorney with appellate expertise can determine whether or not you have grounds to begin the appeal process.  Your trial attorney can work with the appellate attorney to provide information as to what direction to take.

The winning argument on appeal depends on many factors including the confidence of the attorney presenting the client’s case. Attorney Jason M Gordon has handled more than 47 civil appeals to the Fifth District Court of Appeals and has presented oral arguments, including oral argument for the Fifth District Court of Appeal’s law day presentations to students.  In addition, Mr. Gordon has represented clients in appeals at the Circuit Court level.

The appellate attorney is in a unique position to look back at a case and interpret not only the case presentation, but the final order from which the appeal is taken.  Appeals presented on a client’s behalf include:

  • Administrative
  • Zoning
  • Complex Family Law
  • Commercial and Business Disputes
  • Civil Forfeitures
  • Condominium and Homeowner Association Disputes
  • Foreclosures

You can expect competent representation from an experienced appellate attorney who represents the clients’ needs and provides fair and ethical legal advice in all aspects of representation.