Business & Corporate Law are general terms describing any type of initial start up of a company, partnership or business venture.  There are a variety of laws that exist governing how business is conducted in general and in specific industries, and guidance from counsel is essential at the initial phase of start up, as well as at various junctures during business growth.

Business transfers, assignments, dissolutions and sales occur with frequency and the firm can negotiate the terms of transfer and prepare the necessary documentation.

Commercial litigation deals with disputes or controversies that require arbitration, mediation or court proceedings.

Business Start Up

When considering an entrepreneurial venture you should consult with an attorney and a tax advisor to determine the perfect fit of business forum, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company, fictitious name or partnership.  At The Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs. , the attorneys will guide you as to the best structure for your goals and individual protection.  The firm can assist with establishing the form of company, conformance with state regulations, filing with the State of Florida, protecting intellectual property rights, licensing, debt collection, employment agreements, leasing, and all other aspects of business protection.  The firm provides guidance as to the proper insurance coverage for your business needs.  The firm drafts your business contracts with the eye toward avoiding future disputes and providing your business with the proper key terms and disclosures placed in writing.

The goal in initial business planning is to avoid future problems.

Business Transfers 

When a business is dissolved, assigned, transferred or sold, the firm can support the negotiation, and drafting of all necessary documentation to accomplish our client’s goal.  Non-competition agreements, sales contracts, licensing transfers and associated documentation for the completion of the transaction are essential to our client’s immediate needs and future aspirations.

Commercial Disputes and Litigation

Occasionally, disputes and controversies arise in business.

The types of actions that occur include:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Employment Issues
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Debt Collection
  • Landlord/Tenant Matters

The Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs., with its business & corporate law review offers strong representation to defend our clients wronged by misrepresentation, fraud or interference with contractual relations.

As a business itself, The Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs., with its business & corporate law review of your situation understands the needs of business clients and works towards swift and cost effective representation to bring a client a successful result to their needs.  The firm works to gain the client’s trust by listening to our client, keeping the client up to date, returning calls and working as a team with our client on every aspect of a project.