Every child has a right to loving parents.  The emotional  and legal process of  including children in a family is called adoption.  Creating families is highly specialized  requiring services that make the family unit permanent. Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs.can assist with this option of growing your family.

There are many choices in adoptions which include domestic, foster care, inter-country and open adoptions.  Establishing who can adopt is a matter of assessment by the prospective adoptive parents and social worker, agency or attorney.  In general, age, income, sexual orientation or being single or married does not determine eligibility.  Even having a disability does not automatically make an adoptive parent unable to adopt.

With specific requirements and restrictions of various countries, and the restrictions or requirements of faith based adoption agencies, it is necessary to have a guide that has worked with different case scenarios.  Each adoption is specific to that family’s needs and Gordon & Cornell can help navigate the course of action for your specific need.

If you are a parent with a need to place your child for adoption, we can assist you acquiring a loving permanent placement for that child.  This difficult decision requires knowledgeable and reliable professionals to help you manage a confidential, permanent, and loving home transfer of parental responsibility.

Our attorneys know the in’s and out’s of the process and have been part of making children and adults part of a caring and loving family for years.


Adoption Law & Process

When seeking an adoption in Florida, a child becomes part of a family other than that of his or her birth parents.

Most adoptions:

  • Permanently sever the legal ties with the child’s birth parents
  • Permanently sever the legal ties with other relatives
  • Places the child into a new family where he or she will remain permanently