Our Practice Areas


The Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs., specializes in Condo & Homeowners Law. They both have a deep understanding of Homeowner Associations and Condominium Associations in that each are similar to small governmental entities; they dictate the rights and remedies of the members of each type of association.

Owners choose to live in a community that is governed by the Association’s Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.

The Associations must deal with owner disputes, collection issues and changes in the governing documents.

At The Law Office of Gordon & Thalwitzer, Esqs., we have experience in a wide range of litigation matters from not only the Association’s perspective with owners and outside contractors, but also by representing owners in their disputes with the Association.  These types of issues  include:

  • Demand Letters for Collection and Claim of Liens
  • Contract Disputes
  • Unit Owner Disputes
  • Arbitration Proceedings
  • Collection Matters
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution for Condominium Disputes
  • Declaration Amendments and Reformation Actions
  • Annual Meeting Assistance
  • Litigation
  • Appeals

There are state regulations and statutes which guide an Association’s governance of its members.  From amending the governing documents to collection of maintenance fees, each phase of operation requires strict compliance with the Florida laws.  This firm offers guidance to associations and owners relative to compliance procedures, disputes and general operation matters.